Mulia Bali

Hotel Mulia Bali Opening Soon !

We are inviting applications for qualified candidates for all levels in all departments.

General Requirements:

Possessing good English language skills in writing, speaking and understanding

Possessing high work standard and integrity

Able to work flexible hour with variety of tasks simultaneously

Excellent result and customer service oriented

Pleasant personality and positive attitude

If you are interested in a career with Mulia Bali, please send your CV and full resume with your current photograph to:

E-mail us:


Write to us:
HRD – Mulia Resort & Villas, Bali
Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan
Jakarta 10270

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48 thoughts on “Mulia Bali

  1. I have seen and reading all information about “Hotel Mulia Bali” and I’m interested to work for Hotel Mulia Bali,I will send my CV and my application later as soon as possible.


  2. Hi, Mr. Herry. I would like to know if Mulia Bali is hiring expat as well?My husband is Nigerian, his name is Morenzzy Emmanuel and he has very good experience in Accounting. He is very interested to work and relocate to Bali. Currently he is working in Dubai. He has sent his resume and he is looking forward to any position that may suit him. Regards, Erna.


    1. hi Erna, all about it is belongs to their management. We are here to published the jobs info as it is.
      Kindly contact them directly for further info.
      Regards and Good luck..


    1. Hi Agus, as per we mentioned at the web page, the employer usually post it for 2 days up to 2 week time validity.
      All about the other info should directly ask to them.
      Good luck and wish u the best..


  3. i’m sory sir,
    i have sent my cv to mulia bali e-mail…
    but i have not given my sertifity of training n the other sertifity yet, because i have not finished study at bali state of polyteckhnic yet. but now is my last semester n i ever to do on the job training at club med Bali n as daily worker at there too.
    i do hope i can work at mulia Bali resort as pastry/baker cook.


  4. Best Regards of me, My name is I Nengah Mudana, I’m interested to join in your recruitment and applay for Art and Print Shop. I Have been studying in Politeknik Negeri Bali and have graduate on August 2012.
    I have some experience to support my skill to join in your opperation
    – On The Job Training at Nusa Dua Beach Hotel in Sales and Marketing included Disign and Printing Department for 6 months.

    I have sent an email about my Job Application Letter to ( and ( and i’m waiting for your reply now.

    Kindly you read this comment and you can contact me @


    I Nengah Mudana


  5. hay mr.hery….. im really interesting to apply for dinning.. i just finish my second contract with one of the cruise ship… and i decide to looking for job here in bali.. im going to sent my application soon.. thank’s…


  6. hay mr.hery.if i have some questions,,,should i send my email to the following email adress as you mention above??or do i need to talk to them directly by phone???and have they had an office in bali?so i can come or talk to them directly….


    1. Hi Agus,usually they don’t take questions.
      The employer stated real clear info of what they need. All questions should directly ask for chosen candidate on the interview time only.
      Goodluck Agus..


  7. i really want to join!! i have some questions such;

    *) Are they accept if am applying from here (UAE), and are they willing to call me for interview (if i qualify)?

    *) Are they willing to wait for me until i’am finnish all my resignation from here.. (if they want me to join) i think it will take time approximately 1month notice..

    *) May i know when the specific month Mulia Bali Hotel will open?

    Thank You.


    1. Hi Linda, applying for anywhere is not a problem, however only selected candidate will call by HRD for interview. For your notes, we are only help to distribute the jobs info. For all matters is belong to the employer.


  8. Dear harry, how are you?
    i am 20 years experience to work at 5 star hotel, when i saw and i read about mulia hotel i interest to work at this very good hotel , is the vacancies still open for applicant?


    1. Hi Gusde, emailnya selalu ada disetiap job posting, biasanya ada di bawah…perhatikan juga tanggal postingnya, biasanya satu postingan job hanya berlaku satu minggu sampai dua ming


  9. Hi Mr Hery .. My name is eka i am 24 years old my experience to work in bayview hotel singapore ” five star hotel” i’m very interested to join with your company and advance THE MULIA to be no 1 hotel in bali.’i’m promise’ because i always believe about my abilities and my performance for my better future. I have a lot experience in fb service .. I also know much about the banquet, bar, barista and waiter. I hope you are willing to contact me for an interview .. thanks Mr Hery, nice to know you. :)


  10. Hello Mr. Hery.. My name is Anie.. I would like to join and I am very interested to join in Mulia Resort as a GRA or any vacancy which is related in hospitality.. Until now I am still join with Holland America Line cruise line as a Senior Waitress.. Please contact me if there is any possibility.. Thank you..
    Best regards,


  11. Possible or not I put my application and curriculum vitae….are there new job vacancies wit position demi chef de paty as commis?? if thre are I would apply as demi chef de party or commis..


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